Uprooted…leaving you in a state of mind that seems to cause you to just want to hide and forget that anything ever existed. It jerks you away from the “stable” environment that you had created for yourself. You no longer have a solid grip or a sure footing in your life. You no longer have control. Honestly, did you even have control in the first place? We like to think we do when life is going the direction we want it to go. It’s all good until it all falls apart. Sometimes, it takes falling apart to get us firmly planted where our roots truly belong so that we can fully and completely grow into who we are meant to be.

There is that old cliché quote, “Nothing good comes easy.” Really? Is that true? This is not how we usually see things. We see the people around us and the millions on social media that seem to have all the good without the struggle. What you don’t see is the “behind the scenes” journey that they have taken and are still taking. Every single person walking this face of this earth has faced some form of struggle or uprooting. If they didn’t, then they weren’t living life but merely a dead-man walking.

With life comes easy change, hard change, easy decisions, hard decisions, confusion, fear, obstacles, loss, gain, happiness, depression, and the list goes on. If you are breathing, you have experienced one or more of that list. Each time you faced one of them, did you stop to think what the purpose was and what you could learn from it? Probably not. I know I didn’t. Most times all we can focus on is that feeling of being uprooted from the comfortable little seat we are sitting in. Even as I write this I don’t like thinking about that feeling. I don’t even know how to really describe it. For me, it is like taking me from my feet being planted firmly on the ground to being spun around by my ankles with a thin rope ready to break at any moment. Then the rope breaks, sending me into an unknown flight and praying that I land on something soft.

An unexpected uprooting can be the harshest but what about being uprooted when the Lord is leading you to step away from your current footing? Here is where things can get tricky. I have been in this position more than once. I am not sure what I find the hardest about it, the waiting for it to take place or not knowing the results of that change. I found myself panicking at the thought of the unknown. I knew I had to take steps to go the direction He was leading but it was like my legs would buckle and I was afraid to do it. I would put off taking action. Then it came to the point that I had no choice but to take action because He began to close doors and gave me no other option. Point taken. I have since learned to listen a little better and watch for His lead.

No matter what type of uprooting we face there are three things that are critical in the process. First, we must be willing to wait. Not wait, as in do nothing but wait on the Lord. We often try to jump ahead of Him or we worry over how all of this is going to work out. He has it all figured out. You just have to WAIT for the answers. Sometimes that sounds like a contradiction. I am a big advocate for working while we wait. I will use my husband and me as an example of this. Last year in September, when hurricane Irma hit Florida, we lost our RV trailer that was our full-time home. We were completely uprooted. We had lived there for a year and were very content and happy. It was a terrible feeling to be in the position of being without our own home, yet again. (we have faced that issue multiple times) There were many feelings we were facing and many things happening that we didn’t like. Praise the Lord, we had friends willing to open their home to use while we “figured” things out. We had NO IDEA what we were going to do. So, the waiting and praying began. However, we didn’t just play around and not put any effort into solving the problem. We didn’t just sit around wishing and hoping for something to change. Even though we didn’t know what or how, God did, and we had to seek it out. We started looking at possibilities, talking to people, and asking questions. Finally, after about 4 weeks, an answer came. It even morphed into a huge, unexpected blessing but that is another story for another time.

The next important part of this process is faith. We must have faith in every way possible. Faith that God will work it out for our good. Faith that we can make the change He is asking us to make. Faith that He will provide all we need to get through it and to make it happen. Faith that what and where He is leading that blessings will follow when we’re are obedient to His call. However, faith without works is dead. For example, you can have faith all day long that you are going to get a job but if you don’t do the work of putting in applications it won’t happen.

We still must do some work. WORK is the third component that is ciritical during "uprooting". Things in life don’t drop in our laps for nothing. Although, we would like that to happen or sometimes it seems that it happens to others around us. God rewards us for our work. Sow and you will reap. You can’t grow a garden without planting seeds. Plant the seeds and God will add the increase. Work plays a role alongside waiting and faith. All three go hand it hand. You can't have one without the other and expect things to happen or to change for the better.

Don’t let the fear of being uprooted, whether it is unexpected or a calling, to stop you from being planted in the ground that will grow you in ways that you have never grown before. All things that happen in life will grow us for the better if we take the time to reflect and ask God to show us the good He has purposed in it.

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