The Blame Game

How many of you have played the blame game? Come on now, admit it. I can admit that I have played and actually was quite skilled at it. So many of us have and so many more are still playing it. Thankfully, I have come to realize that it is an impossible game to win. Nobody wins. As a matter of fact the only thing that results in playing this game is looking like a complete idiot and never achieving anything in life.

These last few weeks as I have interacted with quite a few people and scrolled through my Facebook feed reading the latest controversy, truth or lie, I have noticed something that every single one had in common. They were playing the blame game. Our society has somehow gotten the idea that the only way to solve problems is to blame the other person while we stand there pointing a finger and saying, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.” Except if we are all doing this then who is to blame? Who should take responsibility for anything that happens?

Guess what? We are the problem. All of us are to blame because we are unwilling to take responsibility for our own actions. No one has done anything to us to make us act like a bunch of uneducated, hateful human beings. Everyone wants it their way. People want to be accepted but yet are unaccepting of anyone who disagrees with them. I am growing weary of seeing the petty battles. We had all this going on over the confederate statues, most of which is a planned sequence of events to cause division. It’s just the next biggest move in the “blame game”. Then Hurricane Harvey comes along and we are seeing what our country is really about. We are seeing people pull together in a time of crisis regardless of the color of skin, religious beliefs, or other “dividing” traits. I thought that social media might just stay a bit positive in the midst of such a horrible tragedy. Nope. Here comes the “Joel Osteen” incident. Everyone throwing mud back and forth over whether or not his “church” building was flooded, closed, open, not flooded, accessible, not accessible, and the list goes on. Really? Why, oh why must we ALWAYS have something controversial to debate over and add to the blame game? Oh, and let’s not forget that Trump showed up in Texas and was praised by his supporters while they bashed Obama for not being around during Hurricane Katrina. This one made me laugh! People are so quick to blame that they forgot that Obama was not president during Katrina! This is the prime example of what I mean by blame taking people over. They can’t even function without blaming others. It is like a cup of coffee to them. They can’t wake up and get through the day without drinking a big ‘ole cup of “Café au blame”.

I think we would all be surprised what would happen if EVERYONE took responsibility for their own lives and actions. Yes, bad stuff happens. It always will because we live in an evil sin-cursed world. We can’t blame anyone else for the problems any more than Adam could blame Eve for making him eat of the forbidden fruit. (Genesis 3:11-12) Yes, even the blame game goes way back then! This is one of Satan’s favorite games to play with us. He loves getting us all in a tizzy over whose fault it is. It causes us to lose sight of who is really at fault… US!

It drives us further and further from God and the truth. All of this is because we don’t care what God has to say. It was that way with Adam and Eve. It is still that way now. Will we ever learn? If we don’t, we are certainly on a fast path to failure. Not only is our personal life at stake but our entire country is at stake. We have to wake up and start the day with self-reflection and strive to be more like Jesus!

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