Fear Stops Growth

You hear people say that fear is healthy. That it protects us from doing something that will bring us harm. This might be true for some things such as jumping off a cliff with no parachute or jumping off a boat into deep water without knowing how to swim. Get my drift? Fear is not meant to prevent us from making decisions to improve our lives. As adults, we have lost our child-like ability to walk beyond fear. If you think of how children learn and grow there is no fear.

When a young child is at the stage of learning how to walk, they grab on to the nearest structure and pull themselves up. Typically, they hold on to this same structure to balance while they take a few steps. They don’t stop there. They don’t think to themselves, “I better not let go because I will fall.” They may outwardly show a little fear but they still have an eagerness to take a step forward. They TRY! They let go of that object holding them up and take a step forward. They usually fall. When that happens you don’t see them just cry, complain, and then quit. They grab on to something, pull themselves back up, and then take another step forward. No matter how many times they fall they keep going until they get it right. Even when they bump their heads and it hurts. They won’t give up until they get it right. They have such joy in their accomplishment. This “unending fearlessness” continues throughout the years in almost every change and growth that a child will make.

Then something happens. I am not sure when it changes but we suddenly are afraid to move forward, to grow. We get caught in this mindset of “I can’t” or “I am not sure, so I better not.” Imagine if we had that same mindset as a growing child. We would have never made it past laying in the crib crying out for our mom. We are meant to grow and change. We are meant to take risks to reach the potential and blessings meant for us on the other side of fear. Why are you choosing to sit on this side of fear? Is what is on the other side so scary that you are not even willing to take a step closer? I have allowed fear to stop me in the past. The worst for me is the fear of the unknown; not knowing what the result will be or what I might have to face. However, as I have grown I have realized that I created that fear in my mind and it only happens because I created it in my mind. I have found that if I want things to change then I have to take the steps, be in the moment, accept the process, and do the work. Whatever I may face in the midst of moving in a new direction, can still happen whether I step forward or not. I will be honest though, I would rather face the unknown and the obstacles that might come by moving forward than continuing to feel the results of being stuck where I am by living in fear.

If you are tired of how things are then it is time for you to step forward. Stop living in fear that the choice you make might lead to a bad result. How will you ever know what good can come from the change you make if you don’t make it?

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