No one likes fake...

I have seen fake. I have heard fake. I have been fake.

When I was fake it wasn’t about me trying to be someone else. I was fake because I was afraid to be myself. It has taken many years (and I am not that old) for me to realize that being me is okay. Not everyone is going to like me or agree with what I have to say. Jesus had the same issue but He still had a mission to to fulfill and so do we. God placed us on this earth for a purpose. Now, that doesn’t mean I can go around being rude and careless with my words. I would never want to hurt anyone feelings on purpose. What I do know, is that God has made me an unique individual with a role to play.

I see people all the time try to fit into a box that they don’t belong in. It could be because someone else put them there or they jumped in all on there own. The sad part about that is that they become liars, manipulators, miserable, and contentious individuals. They want to blame others for the problems or have this attitude that the world owes them something. No one owes us anything and our problems are our own. Fake kills. It kills your heart, your dreams, and you!

The fake finders will find you.

The world is tired of fake. We are surrounded by it. When someone authentic comes along we can barely even recognize it anymore because we have been so infiltrated with the world’s idea of perfection. Real is someone who excepts the fact that they are the biggest geek ever but doesn’t care who knows it. Real is someone who reaches out to someone who needs a hand and actually helps without expecting something in return. Real is having the courage to say the words that are on your heart knowing that there will be someone who doesn’t like it but you do it anyways because there will be someone that those words give encouragement to. Real is smiling not because everything is perfect but because no person or circumstance can steal your joy.

If you aren’t being real then it is time to change. This world needs a REALity check big time. We have to be the change. No one else is going to do it for us. Don’t wake up tomorrow morning and be who you THINK others want you to be. Wake up, look in the mirror, and BE the person you are meant to be!


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