Created Chaos

In a chaotic world why do we just add to it by overthinking and complicating things? Seriously, we do it to ourselves all the time. We complain that we can’t focus yet we are the very one adding on the distractions. That doesn’t really make sense but we still do it.

I am finding that my mind is needing more and more clarity. Then it goes completely numb and I just end up lost in a game of Candy Crush Saga. I am pretty certain that is not a productive activity but at times it is the one thing that clears my head long enough to fall asleep at night. It never stops…my mind. My mind spins with a million thoughts and ideas. I feel like a hamster on a wheel — doing a lot, but never really getting anywhere. Even while writing this I am thinking about a zillion other things. It is a wonder I even get dressed without going, “Oh look…squirrel.” Oh wait…I do get distracted while getting dressed. I have walked out the door on multiple occasions without brushing my teeth or brushing my hair!

I have lived with myself for over 34 years and am just now beginning to understand how my mind works and realize that I am not weird or the only one with the same struggles. I am learning that I have to create a routine in order to stay on track, but because my life has never been made up of routines I am struggling to create that habit. About the only routine I have is what order I do things while getting showered and dressed for the day. If I don’t stick to the routine then that is when the missed hair and teeth brushing happens. I find that even the simplest thing that changes the routine throws me off kilter. However, learning out to work through that has become my strong point. My goal is to set up as much routine in everything as I can so that when a disturbance happens that I don’t feel like everything is out of control.

I have always thought myself to be a multi-tasker. I realized that all these years of multi-tasking has actually held me back from actually accomplishing tasks at my full potential. It never allowed me to spend quality time on each task and to complete it fully. Looking back, I have so many unfinished projects. This is an area that I am changing and growing in. I am excited to be morphing into the butterfly that God has intended for me to be instead of being cooped up in the cocoon because I was too afraid to show my true self.

If you find yourself stuck in your cocoon instead of busting out that joint with your beautiful wings and soaring high…

Find your routine. Find your focus.

Stop worrying about “them”. Stop worrying about how or why.

Dream with your eyes wide open but don’t just dream it…

Go out and DO IT!


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