Money On My Mind

I have had money on my mind today but not in the way you may be thinking....

I have a hatred for money. 💵💰

I hate when I don't have more of it to help more people. I hate when I see others that have it refuse to help others. I hate that some people have such a love for money that they forget what truly matters. I hate seeing others go without. I hate that our world revolves around this "almighty" thing called money and it is the focus of the of the world.

Money itself is not evil. Money can be used for many good things. Just like technology is not evil, but what is done with it can be. But technology is a whole other conversation.

Humans manage to muck things up. We are blessed with such a wonderful thing but yet all we can do is look after ourselves instead of looking out for others. We are called to be servants. We are called to love.

Yet, we are so blinded by what we can get for ourselves. My heart breaks for the people that have more money than they not what to do with while a child goes hungry because the mother doesn't have a way to pay for food.

We are to blame for every homeless person, for every person that goes hungry, for every soldier that dies, for every police officer that is killed, for every young black man that dies in the streets, for every unborn child that is killed in the womb, for every person that is murdered because of who they are or what they believe, and the list goes on.

Take a real hard look and you will see that this all comes from the LOVE of money and the selfish desire to be the one in control.

We are the creators of chaos instead of makers of peace. It is time we all rise up and be the light that shines in the darkness. No more excuses. Are you ready to shine or are you going to be hiding in the darkness?


#money #service #love #humanity #motivation

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